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8.   Salutation to Ardhanarlsvara.
4.    Praise of Vaghhata.
5.    Praise of Mercury.
6.    Origin of Brahma from Mukunda.
7.    Brahma creates nine Prajapatis.
8.    Among them was Atri.
9.    He married Auasuya who gave birth to the Moon»
10.    His  son  was   Budha; his  son Pururavas who  espoused
11.    Praise of the rule of Pururavas.
12.    S.yus was his son.
13.    His son was Nahusa, who performed 100 aSvamedhas.
14.    He occupied Indra'a throne.
15.    His son was Yayati.
16.    He  married  two  wives  and gave birth to Yadu, Purn
and three other sons.
17.    Yadu had eight sons.
18.    Then Visvajaya.
19.    Vasudeva born in the line.
20.    His good qualities.
21.    He   married   Kamsa's   sister, and Visnu was   born   of
them for the protection of the world.
22.    Krsna's exploits.
23-24. In his family was born King Sangama in whom all
good qualities sought to unite as they had lost their
fondness for others ; his son, who resembled Skanda, (the
son) of livara, was king Bukka, emperor of the world,
famed in all quarters, sole hero of the world; greatly
pleased with the lotuses of whose feet, shine the bees,
viz., the (subordinate) kings.
•25. The extremities of the quarters form the sporting
ground of (his) fame, and the capital of the god», that
of his enemies; the earth sported with his arm and
Lak§m! with his eye.